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Language Delay

Delayed language is simply where the child is following the ‘normal’ pattern of language development but at a slower rate than children of the same age.  This is very common.

Language involves receptive language (understanding) and expressive language (what they say). Sometimes the child appears to understand everything, which is said to them while others may appear to be confused by instructions or commands. Language delay is typically characterised by limited speech or poor sentence structure. Poor attention and listening might be other indications.

We work very closely with nurseries and schools to implement packages of care and to optimise the child’s progress. We can also run parent support groups to help parents carryout the same activities within the child’s daily environment.

If your 2 year old is failing to put words together or your 8 year old is having problems with reading or responding in class, Small Talk Therapists will happily assess their skills and devise a suitable programme to assist.

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