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Fees are based upon national guidelines for the profession. There may be discounts for several sessions paid in advance.

Initial Consultation/Assessment and report:  £300 plus travel

This includes a case history, one initial assessment session, including formal and/or informal procedures as appropriate and discussion with parent (s).

Assessment for EHCP: £450 plus travel

This includes one assessment session, formal and informal procedures. If subsequent sessions of assessment are required, these are charged at £75 plus travel. Tribunal reports POA

Subsequent Standard Consultation: From £75

This includes treatment and ongoing assessment as appropriate. Up to one hour.

This does not include Dysphagia assessment and subsequent treatment or ASD assessment. Details on application.

Short Report writing: From £75 per hour

This report is based upon the initial consultation/assessment & liaison only.

Travelling charges: 50 pence per mile

In addition to this, the time taken to travel on the client’s behalf will be charged proportionally at one half of the standard consultation fee rate, up to a distance of 20miles. Distances in excess of this will be charged at the same rate as a standard consultation.

Correspondence and telephone calls

These will not be charged up to a limit of 10 minutes duration. Correspondence and Telephone calls taking longer than this will be charged at a proportion of the standard Consultation fee. Any such charges will be specified as far as possible and agreed with the client prior to any such action taking place.

Nursery/School Visits or meetings

Charged as standard consultation

Programmes for School/Nursery

We have a comprehensive range of packages. Please ask for details.

Training Sessions

We have a comprehensive range of packages. Please ask for details

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